Escac Stunt master

Official course of the Superior School of Cinema and Audiovisual of Catalonia.

Starts in October!

For those ones who like it  HARD.

This an absolute sink in the stunt world, a 700 hour program on a daily teaching and training during 9 months, and now imagine that all that is nearby Barcelona, sounds like a plan???

The program is done in the best stunt world centre, 1000 square meters of stunt world for you to enjoy and become as best stunt as you can, the limit is on you. You will be trained by professional stunt coordinators that are actually working in the industry to transform you into a stunt, don’t worry about your physical condition in 9 months you WILL become a stunt, we will train you for that and we guarantee you the success.

Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 13:00

Please contact us for payment details 655 67 47 49


In Extremis Stunt academy has developed this program so you become a professional stunt in 9 months.

The MASTER stunt performer program is based in given you all the tools you need to know to be on a professional set and crush them till you become a MASTER on all those skills, you will learn how to fight, fly, fall, burn yourself, get shot, get run over, act, to die… All that performed by professional stunt coordinators with more than 10 years of experience, it a complete BOOST to your dream to become a stunt.

During this 9 months we will train your body and your mind at full gas and after all this training you will be able to share what you are able to do with a real good Reel to share with what ever coordinator of the world, we are sure they will hire you!!!


Stage Fight, barefoot, with weapons, with guns, with fake props
Space control, fall from height, stairs, flying rigs, acrobatics
Stunt Machinery and special effects
Stunt conditioning
Final work
Fictitious objects
Weapons handling
Falls from height
Falls from stairs
Fighting techniques and reactions
Basic falls