We have a wide variety of atmospheric conditions available such as rain, fog, snow and wind. All our machines have been custom made by our engineers and were created for specific purposes to facilitate filming in all types of settings where weather is needed to add the ambience required for the scene.


Rain is the most popular atmospheric effect on shootings, which is why we created our energy saving 30Kw rain pump machine so that we can cover all types of surfaces, types of rain and altitudes.


The mystery of fog makes it a highly demanded effect as it turns a normal location into a special location. We provide hazy, dense, light and low lying fog depending on the required effect.


For snow we have created a special machine that uses Organic Bio Foam to create the snow effect. Due to its’ Ecological Origin you can use it in cities, forests, National Parks, etc., as it only needs water to dissolve it. At the same time we use another machine to create the effect of snow falling from the sky using the same Eco Foam.


We count on numerous mechanical ventilators, fans and air pressure systems to create different wind force ranges, from the lightest of breezes to a hurricane simulation. Our latest creation has huge 2m long blades and a 100cv horse power motor.


​Ecologically friendly, non-toxic, non-static, easy to use, easy to clean up